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Nikki A Creber

Woman’s Lifestyle Empowerment Coach & Parkinson’s Disease Lifestyle Coach



“Community Hero” for me is symbolic of the many facets of my life’s work which is about striving always to guide & provide supportive scope as a Parkinson's Disease Coach and a women's change guide.


In November 2019, winning the prestigious Australian Pacific LNG Community Hero Award at the Queensland Community Achievement Awards, as “a mission-filled and purpose-driven person making a significant contribution to the People living with Parkinson’s Disease on the Sunshine Coast" was a very humbling and simultaneously exhilarating experience.

In 2019 I innovated and developed “WrapAround Teams” providing beneficial activities such as boxing, exercise, singing-voice therapy and dance. I found that exercise became more important for the quality of life for those living with Parkinson's than medication and research endorsed that too.


Honoured as a Community Leader (2021) for my contribution to Seniors at Awards marking the International Day of the Senior & Queensland Senior Month on the Sunshine Coast.

Tanya Dave - Gerontologist and Founder of I Age Well

"The Awards acknowledge and reward the valuable contribution of those who have made a profound impact on the community, recognising great work. Nikki Creber, who lives with Parkinson's Disease and created Parkinson's Lifestyle Protocols®️and Wrap-Around Teams to improve the quality of life of people diagnosed with Parkinson's. She is a passionate advocate who is now lobbying the government for three Specialist Parkinson's Nurse Practitioners to provide community-based clinical support.”

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I have found that my unique HERO journey steps
can be distilled and adopted by others and they too can
experience success managing their Parkinson's Journey.

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Living with Parkinson’s Disease for 16 years has taught me so much. I now have a skillset which retards symptoms one after another, with the variant of Parkinson's disease I live with: Multiple System Atrophy.

However, it was a very different story in the first 6 years beginning the journey with MSA Parkinson’s. The shock resonated deeply within me for some years then, one day an epiphany or turning point came upon me.

Here are some questions for you:

Do YOU identify with any of the following symptoms? 

  • Are you experiencing postural instability and balance issues sometimes?

  • Is brain fog really tiring you out?

  • Driving becoming too tiring and demanding?

  • Climbing sets of stairs becoming too great an ask?

  • Skills like meal preparation involving sequencing becoming too hard?

  • Do you have difficulty making decisions?

  • Does insomnia or restless leg syndrome or constant fatigue worry you?

  • Do others tell you 'that they can't hear you'! Does your voice fade away when speaking?

  • Are you experiencing some swallowing and choking difficulties?

  • Is depression, social apathy and isolation taking over from time to time?

These are all the things I went through too!

My Parkinson’s Lifestyle Protocols™ are specifically designed for the individual - to enable gaining control of the disease and living a quality life once more. I offer one-on-one support through:

  • Personal face to face counselling & coaching

  • Alternatively, online Zoom meetings for counselling & coaching

  • Self paced online courses with plenty of real touch-time.


Submit your name & email here and receive a gift 

- "Your Guide to Decluttering".

My Advocacy Role

In November 2019, winning the prestigious Australian Pacific LNG Community Hero Award at the Queensland Community Achievement Awards, as “a mission-filled and purpose-driven person making a significant contribution to the People living with Parkinson’s Disease on the Sunshine Coast" was a very humbling and simultaneously exhilarating experience.


The accolade of “Community Hero” is for me symbolic of the many facets of my life’s work which is about striving always to guide & provide supportive scope to the groups I work with:  


1. Groups of women to delve deep into their heart locating their audacious centre and navigating the Crone stage of life


2. Those living with Parkinson’s to embrace a change in mindset, fight and take control back from the disease.


I found that for me, daily exercise became  more important to my quality of life than medication as the research is not endorsing too. We know that beneficial activities such as non-contact boxing, exercise, singing-voice therapy and dance all can contribute greatly to being the one in control.

This, however is not enough! There is more to do! That is to form again into a not-for-profit association and gain Charity status with a new and different business plan.  We will lobby for three Nurse Practitioner positions to be a 3-year study to test the usefulness, benefits and validity of community based, grassroots service to the Parkinson's Disease community of the Sunshine Coast as a regional area. 

We are looking for empowered and interested community members to help us, assist us, advise us and join us in this powerful mission!

Advocacy is a demanding and exacting taskfinding receptive parties and those wanting to help takes time
A Walk in Park


I AM A HEALTH COACH - let me introduce you to smovey

Smovey is a dynamic fitness product that is like no other. It provides a dynamic upper body workout that gets you fit while helping to burn more calories and stabilise your back and spine. Each Smovey ring weighs 1 lb and includes four metal balls that run freely inside the hollow plastic tubes.


Daily use of this very unique exercise tool in an ever evolving exercise sequence: 

  • Increases mobility

  • Increases the circulation

  • Improves balance, postural instability and coordination

  • Improves the digestive system

  • Reduces the pain in the body

  • Can reduce freezing episodes

  • Will reduce or eliminate constipation

  • Can assist in reducing stress & anxiety

  • Can strengthen muscles in the core body group

Please contact me to make arrangements for your free introductory session with Smovey and their benefits. Perhaps you would like a massage with Smovey? A massage with Smovey will release stagnations of energy due to wrong posture during the day.


Stagnant energy means lack of flow of energy, which may result in muscle pain, numbness and stiffness of ligaments, joints and spine. Excessive use of joints also wipes out the flow of energy, leading to problems such as Frozen Shoulder, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Tennis Elbow and Tendonitis.
Smovey use is so energising!


Submit your contact details by selecting the button below.

NDIS Support Coordinator

My role as your Support Coordinator ADDS value to your journey maintaining and servicing the best individual goals outlined in your current NDIS plan.


As Parkinson’s Disease is a chronic, acute, debilitating, degenerative and progressive disease,  the individual needs of those with Parkinson’s setting up their NDIS plan can be very challenging.


As a person that lives with MSA-P (Multiple System Atrophy - Parkinson’s Disease).

I bring a unique knowledge and mindset blend. I can assist in setting up the best future possible in your NDIS planning.

I work closely with you, the client, to find and access services that will best serve your needs for those living with Parkinson’s Disease on the Sunshine Coast.


Having long worked as a Peer Support Advocate, I can be with you and advocate for you, with experience and productive decorum, quietly or loudly as and when you need.

 I'm offering “One-Stop-Shop-Support-Coordination” services to help you access the best Allied Health Therapists and the best services for your needs. I endorse ‘Fit for Purpose’ right across your planning.

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Ship's Wheel

Take control be the one whose hands are holding the steering wheel

For more information on my NDIS Support Coordination Services, fill out

my contact form and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

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Wise woman WAYS

Navigating your way into your later years and carrying the value of your unique life experiences is the story of meeting your inner feminine self - making aquaintainceship with the wise woman inside.  

Culturally the first-world experience of ageing, of entering the 3rd phase of your life is marked by no recognition or thresholds.  This is very different from the very old traditions and the cultures that give presence and value to guides and gurus.

Finding your own way is sometimes less than a pleasant experience as there are well-trodden, culturally accepted pathways that others expect you to follow. 

Sometimes one can find these personally limiting or even insulting as the stereotypical culturally defined picture of growing older is not fit for your purpose. 

There are other ways out there and one is the Wise Woman's Way. This is for women who choose to experience life with restoration and renewal of life's 3 Ps:

Purpose, Passion and Pleasure. 

It seems to me that the terminology 'older women ' is a limiting derisive term and really doesn't involve the beauty and richness of the archetype of the Wise Woman - the time of the Inner Feminine Elder woman entitling her to embrace her wisdom,  learned lessons and her life experiences' treasures with grace. 

Beach Painting

Guiding you through this process to discover and embrace your own unique, sacred and magical feminine edge, makes it possible to contribute to the vast change now in progress across our world and planet.


This threshold into a universal feminine consciousness  is a liberation, a resurrection of self and a celebration, It is an expedition into what is possible in the esoteric and the soul’s realm.  It is a new luminescent dance with life imbued with the richness of realized power, enhanced intuition and experiencing the expansiveness of life's essence at a new presence level. 

It is a glorious discovery of you in all your feminine wisdom unfolding in your self-sovereignty and revealing the stellar one you are!

Sandy Beach

HeartAlchemy Sessions




(seeking your Wise Woman Ways)

Intro 45min session


AUDACIOUS YOU making you  feel at peace, ease, style and grace in the flow, aglow...

Your own wisdom is deep within your heart space. Learn to play in your heart to create the potential to change anything your heart desires.



(embracing your Wise Woman Ways)

2 x 60min sessions

You are woman everything you bring from your lived wealth to this moment is useful. Allow me to create the unique alchemy and together we implement your conscious change.



(living your Wise Woman Ways)

2 x 60min sessions

Clear self imposed boundaries, find your public speaking voice, feel your space on stage.

Walk anywhere lady with confidence and poise!

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