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“Community Hero” is symbolic of the many facets of my life’s work which is about striving to guide & provide supportive scope as a Parkinson's Disease and NeuroRecovery Mentor and Support and a Elder Women's Wisdom guide.


In November 2019, winning the prestigious Australian Pacific LNG Community Hero Award at the Queensland Community Achievement Awards, as “a mission-filled and purpose-driven person making a significant contribution to the People living with Parkinson’s Disease on the Sunshine Coast" was a very humbling and simultaneously exhilarating experience.

I HAVE FOUND that my unique HERO journey steps can be distilled and adopted by others and they too can experience success managing their Parkinson's Journey

In 2019 I innovated and developed “WrapAround Teams” providing beneficial activities such as boxing, exercise, singing-voice therapy and dance. I found that exercise became more important for the quality of life for those living with Parkinson's than medication and research endorsed that too. Honoured as a Community Leader (2021) for my contribution to Seniors at Awards marking the International Day of the Senior & Queensland Senior Month on the Sunshine Coast.

Tanya Dave - Gerontologist and Founder of I Age Well

"The Awards acknowledge and reward the valuable contribution of those who have made a profound impact on the community, recognising great work. Nikki Creber, who lives with Parkinson's Disease and created Parkinson's Lifestyle Protocols®️and Wrap-Around Teams to improve the quality of life of people diagnosed with Parkinson's. She is a passionate advocate who is now lobbying the government for three Specialist Parkinson's Nurse Practitioners to provide community-based clinical support.”

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