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Navigating the Sage Stage

Although our culture does not readily celebrate the different milestones or perhaps thresholds there are in life, it does not mean they do not happen and do not have a significant and metamorphic effect on us, particularly on women’s life pathways. Navigating the Sage Stage is a wondrous place to find the magical inner you. Interesting it is, that we have all lived a lifetime of exhilarating, different adventures and perhaps service-oriented lives.

We can learn to appreciate and celebrate particular thresholds as they come along. One of the most significant for a woman is crossing over into the Sage stage.  When little, we are a maid, we become mothers, and then the last most powerful stage is all about the Crone. This term comes from Old English and the term means "crowned with wisdom".  Oh hang on, don’t leave now because in our western culture, Crone is a much maligned and deemed a sad term. However, many cultures across the world celebrate this life stage, as the woman takes her place as a much revered Elder-woman, Matriarch,  Maven, Expert, Sage and Healer!

When the older woman passes through into the Sage Stage across the Crone threshold it is a wondrous and highly personal voyage into the unknowable ~ until you are there!
Floral Path

Did you see a turning in the path?

Was there a threshold there?

Did you see a friend go this way?

Inside the Sage Stage

Join Us in the sacred space of the older woman. 
This is a space where only women experienced in the rich tapestry of life can play.

This is a place of divine connection with self.
This is a place of sacred intention to discover and release the wisdom and life knowledge that only you have for the greater good of the sister-kinship.


Who is this for?


Whether you are 90, 65, 52 or 48, it does not matter! As long as you are a mature woman beyond menopause. Some of us are wives, some empty nesters, some grandmothers, some corporate expats, and some of us still have a professional stake in a field of expertise. How many descriptors are there to describe Woman?


Now beautiful lady, you have stepped across the Crone threshold into the Sage Stage, into Elder-woman territory where your life’s experiences are valued and revered. Here is the atrium or the welkin under the vault of heaven where the luminaries hang out.

- Welcome, luminescent woman!

The Sage Stage alchemy is about locating the magic within you and making this luminous for all to see. This is about owning your glow and unleashing your latent feminine, potent power in a new distinctive way. We use soulful principles to curate an illuminated path providing a mystical lens to examine life’s challenges, a way to embrace your uniquely feminine attributes. It is the foundation that works at the highest level of self-awareness across 5 frames of personal reference;

  • In a dance with true vulnerability

  • Slowing down

  • Being intentional with everything you do

  • Self-care becomes the new pathway so intuition can flow

  • Embracing your internal talents and strengths


All bring freedom from patterns of self-criticism, doubt and competition. Your strengthening glow locates that magic of you and clarifies the alchemy within. Here is where we lovingly, master your inner landscape. I challenge you to join us:

~ unravel the special magic you bring to this changing world

~ write your own rules anew with your personal learned hard-won lessons

Your unique values being your own path through heart alchemy to self-actualisation and divine sovereignty. A place where you assume your crown as elder, matriarch, wise woman, sage and Crone.

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