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Grandmother’s Odyssey

My own grandmother’s odyssey

The arrival of a grandchild is like a doorway opening that was concealed behind a tapestry.

When first one sets eyes on the baby – you recognise that faint echo of a deep stirring of recognition in your heart – you have always known. And then, allowing for that - know there are more little souls yet to be discovered. My daughter always claimed she wanted twins however, this first time, I have the most amazing grand-daughter –she is stellar. Seeing your daughter “mothering” is amazing. Happiness spilling out in laughter as I watch the other grandparents delight in this child is an extra bonus.

Observing as the baby recognises your voice for the first time and turns her eyes to yours.


Watching the other grandparents delight in this child, this daughter of the extended family. As the saying goes, “it takes a village to raise a child”. The village in this instance is all the entwined extended family.

Family - what a strange, self-rejuvenating, uplifting institution. Watching a son-in-law build a special nurturing relationship with his daughter. I thought I loved my son-in-law before, but now seeing him as a Dad – I love him so much more and I look at no 1 grand-daughter and I feel as if she and I have known each other forever. There is never any shyness between us but a deep abiding trust. So wonderful to experience!

A Grandmother’s odyssey is punctuated by special moments when the grandeur of developing intelligence, identifying personality tenets or pure heart moments need to be celebrated. This child at 15 weeks managed 2 milestones in 1 day

  1. Rolling to her side, using the leverage of the mat mobile

  2. Sitting up in little red seat

Now 4 years old – her wonder, delight, enjoyment with and utter engagement and immersion in her life is sometimes just too much as it is so joyous to observe and it reminds one, the adult, how much we change and how precious this time is.

No 2 grand-daughter arrives. So completely different to her elder sister but quietly observing the same trust unfolding between her and the wider family is breath-taking. Family is the scared womb we all come from, strive for and forever long for. The Australian way of life is singularly special, remarkable, safe & prosperous in today’s world.

Could we not take a step back and again embrace and value the sanctity, the extraordinary value there is in a healthy family life? All the political focus and talk is on the Australian value-set presently. No matter how many times I hear a politician list off a number of values – mutual respect, fidelity, respect for others, have-a-go mate etc. The word family comes somewhere near the end. This seems wrong, our Aussie culture, pragmatism and resilience is fostered, nested and built within family. That should be our primary value, we should all be focused on re-establishing, teaching, living and finding all the essential parts to a healthy family life for the future generations coming.

I, as a woman as a pro-creator of the next generation and a elder, a wise woman, a crone to the new generations and new progeny feel both the depth and despair of Nature, ever present Gaia; about what we do to the earth and what we have allowed happen to the sacred crucible of our cultures - the family.

5 grand-daughters and 1 grand-son into this grandmother’s odyssey and its wonderment and joy embrace and wrap me up every day. And with every arrival my soul responds to each new little soul, “Oh there you are - I have been waiting to see what gifts you bring to this life”

Welcome, little, oh so precious ones!

Authored by Nikki A Creber

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