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The topography of Audaciousness

Updated: Feb 15

It's not just about being brave! Let's see a definition of brave:-

# possessing or exhibiting courage or courageous endurance

# making a fine appearance

# excellent, fine, admirable

# a warrior

# to meet or face courageously

# to brave misfortunes

# to defy, challenge, dare


adventurous, audacious, chin-up, confident, dauntless, daring


Audaciusness is fierce and fearless - and willingly skirts the abyss, right along the edge. Audacious is far more than brave imbued with the above elements as well, and those of a highly, inventive nature as well. Going that close to the fire when no one else does and therefore the topography of that very landscape/experience offers a unique opportunity. Behaviour and opportunity are tow 2 sides of the same coin for the Chinese. Chaos might be raining down or about to flare and erupt but opportunity is its shadow side (imploded) and any steps we take over near the edge of the abyss is a landscape no-one else visits or sees the opportunity therein. Nor do they go there to live in potential opportunity, favourable time or occasion, chance or position.

In terms of your heart and its call - how have you been audacious in your life?

Especially in terms of the duality, we see in the signs as part of the full moon in Capricorn about to appear on 8th December

What does this mean for our mind and its decisions then?

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