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Why did you start this blog?

Updated: May 6, 2022

The subject of my blog is about bringing to life a process to travel the hero’s journey of discovering how to thrive and live in better ways with Parkinson’s

The theme you will find in many blog posts here is that step by step process to move along a transformational journey where the end point is feeling like you are thriving. And thriving is the beginning point of bringing you through further self-directed learning to enable you to soar.

The underlying objective is to guide and encourage you through the shape-shifting this disease takes and coaching you in many helpful disruptive technologies on the way.

This is the Hero’s journey taken inside Navigating Parkinson’s Disease that I travelled and through it established conscious control over my disease as have many of my clients.

Join us and discover a better way to live with your Parkinson’s Disease.

The first step I recommend is taking a process on board for the next 3 weeks, that involves specific exercise. And it will be demanding! This introduces one of the keys into your life and starts the establishment of nature’s no 1 medicine for Parkinson’s: - daily exercise.

This process combines both motor and neurological function into a daily exercise habit and this truly protects existing neural pathways and begins to create new neural pathways embracing the concept of neuroplasticity.


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