Floral Path
Passing through the threshold of older woman is a wondrous and highly personal voyage into the unknowable until you are there!

Navigating the Crone Zone

Although our culture does not readily celebrate the different milestones there are in life, it does not mean they do not happen and do not have significant and metamorphic effect on us.

We can learn to appreciate and celebrate particular thresholds as they come along. One of the most sinficiant for a woman is crossing over into the Crone zone.  We start as a maid, we become a mother and then the last most powerful is called Crone, Matriach, Eeder-Woman, Woman, Maven, expert, healer!

Inside the Crone Zone


Welcome to the sacred space of the older woman.  

This is a space where only the ones experienced in the rich tapestry of life can play.

This is a place of divine connection with self.

This is a place of sacred intention to discover and release the wisdom and life knowledge that only you have for the greater good of the sister-kinship.  Whether you are 90, 65, 52 or 48, it does not matter! It only matters if you are post-menopausal because then, beautiful lady you have stepped across the threshold into Matriachy. 

Did you see a turning in the path?

Did you recognize anything as a threshold?

Did you see a friend go this way?